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Primera Flagship boutique, Seoul

Location: Seoul
Source: echochamber
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Published in: March 04 2013 / Beauty / Body Shops
Not only is Seoul one of the most buzzing retail cities in the world, it has the most sophisticated beauty market. No one takes their looks more seriously than South Korean women, and there are whole city districts dedicated to plastic surgery clinics.

Alongside the clinical and artificial is a growing organic beauty movement, which is championed by some of the big players such as Amore Pacific.

Primera is Amore Pacific's most high end brand, previously only available online or via door to door salesmen - so this is another great example of an online brand embracing bricks and mortar.

This wonderful flagship boutique in the bustling Myeong-Dong shopping district of central Seoul is the brand's first store and is a storytelling showcase for the brand's ethical and environmentally friendly roots.

It's also one of the best pieces of retail design we have ever seen. The store is literally bursting with things to say, from curated gift selections to beautiful exhibits detailing the natural origins of the ingredients.

The creativity is just wonderful. Books have their pages carved into patterns or filled with soil and plants and cameo displays hark back to the golden age of discovery.

Absolutely glorious!

LOCATION:Primera Boutique, Myeong-dong, Seoul, South Korea
Primera Flagship ,Seoul,beauty market,organic beauty,Amore Pacific,high end brand,wonderful flagship boutique,Myeong-Dong,retail design,beautiful exhibits

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