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Polski Private Banking interior design

Location: Warsaw
Source: retail-square
Made by: -
Published in: November 22 2012 / Other Stores

The task of the design studio was to create a concept of interior design corresponding to the prestigious offer of the bank as well as being consistent with previously elaborated visual identification of PKO Bank Polski Private Banking Centre, the result is a unique banking institution of elevated standard, providing its customers with security, privacy and impressive banking experience.

The starting point for this project was Bank’s corporate identity black, white and gold, which created a set of basic colors for the interior. Other graphical elements were also inspiring – in particular one decorative motif consisting of a grid of elegant, sinusoidal lines, consistently applied in the graphic design for the PKO Bank Polski Private Banking. The theme of delicate grid was treated in a very innovative way – a bi-dimensional pattern was completely transformed by introducing an additional dimension: it was made spatial by being projected on the tri-dimensional model of the interior.

To achieve this effect special software for parametric design was used, which allowed for the creation of a complex and ordered structure formed as a transformation of the subtle grid of lines converging in one abstract point. This complicated geometry setting has become a model to be filled with interior design solutions.

As a composition it is coherent and complete, being a real challenge at the stage of realization. The final effect is a balance between purely aesthetic choices and a mathematical order, accepted by the designer, yet generated by software that was treated not only as a tool, but as a creative factor. It is a kind of metaphorical code which presents the character of the institution and its services, being a mix of mathematical analyses and human element of experience, knowledge, and decision making process.
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