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Plus Showroom

Location: Warsaw
Source: chictip
Published in: December 27 2012 / Electronics / Gadgets
The store design completed by MIJA STORE DESIGN LAB is the Plus Showroom located in Warsaw. It is a flagship store for the biggest Polish mobile operator. The design team was led by architect Marek Witaszewski. This retail design has a main goal of demonstrating that Plus Showroom is the most advanced company offering only the highest quality products. The general layout for this commercial design was based on a concept of circles and arcs which served several purposes for the architectural design.

MIJA STORE DESIGN LAB has design a store that will take you to the world of technology in its very core and essence. The store space has been designed in such a way that was geared to organize the irregularities in shape for the sales floor while dividing it into varying zones depending on what purpose they were made for. This design for retail offers the more open exhibition area as well as the more intimate service desks.

The shop design gives the opportunity to showcase the entirety of the beautiful store to its customers. Situated at the center of the sales floor is the “exhibition ring” which is actually the focal point of design. This is truly an amazing store that defines what state-of-the-art technology is with the tree as the most prominent area of the store.

MIJA STORE DESIGN LAB has design a shop that allows the tree to become the landmark while enhancing several other features at the same time. This is essential to the personal branding of the company utilizing green color to demonstrate the very nature of the store – friendly and with a sense of humor. This way even if the store has all the cutting edge technology, customers will not feel overwhelmed as it has the simplest design solutions implemented.
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