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Pita Gelato by 6 sense interiors

Location: Slovenia
Source: 6sense.ro
Published in: October 10 2022 / Restaurants / Bakeries
If Willy Wonka Would Open An Ice Cream Shop

After 5 years since we design BUNKER, the same client invited us to play with our minds in another location of he`s, so this is what we came up with
The legend says that, Pita is a world-renowned gelato chef that came from Iceland to settled down in Murska Sobota (Sovenia) under an anonymity, and where she created a Gelato small factory.
She brought with her, her grandmas gellato recipes and the motivation to recreate the flavors of what she remembered to be the greatest in the world, remembering her of her land, Grandma, and aurora borealis.

All its done in-house in a small coquette factory which enchants the eyes and your taste buds.
The ice cream is being poured from the dispencers into the cups on the moving belt, and then moved all the way on top of the display fridge, by the two robotic arms.

The pipes under the magic mushroom, provide magic toppings just by pulling the lever.

Nearly 4000 pieces of hard candy were used for all the circular windows, imitating toppings.

The ice cream fridge display can roate 360 for fast access
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