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Špejle Restaurant in Prague by COLL COLL

Location: Prague
Source: urdesignmag
Made by: Coll Coll
Published in: May 15 2017 / Restaurants / Bakeries
This new restaurant in Prague called Špejle offers the best from the Czech and Basque quisine. Merging the Czech “chlebíček” and the traditional Basque pintxos, new and proud food-spot was created on the emerging Prague’s food scene. The restaurant offers a quick lunch for the busy day, as well as fine dining experience paired with assorted cocktails for the later eve.

The first challenge was to solve a little puzzle. The space that wasn’t meant for a restaurant and the client’s task wasn’t the easiest of all: “The place has to work for breakfast, for lunch and even for a drink at night. The food is going to be diverse, served like “pinxtos” from the Basque country, but local and fresh. The look has to be simple. Let the food do the show,” explains COLL COLL “We managed to win the invited competition with a spatial trick, that made it possible to connect to the kitchen in the basement and to present the full food parade on the 15 meter long bar.”

The second challenge was to fulfill the proposed intention and to create a space that doesn’t overwhelm, feels natural and is variable enough to support multiple dining experiences. The original proposal was much lighter but wouldn’t work that good at night. After inspecting every other pinxtos establishment in Barcelona, the design team decided to bring up a darker scheme.

The three distinct spaces that characterized the new Špejle Restaurant are distinguished by little changes in the furniture, the “Front” is the quick one just for standing, the “Middle” is more serious with upholstered chairs and the “Garden” in the back is more playful. Tables are set under the trees and a light bulb chains.

The aim for simplicity cuts through the whole concept, there is no menu, all the food is exhibited and prepared freshly. The crew is there to take care of the guests, so they shouldn’t worry about anything else. The light and Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning control is autonomous and to make the counting simple the price for every “špejle” is flat.

all images by Martin Tůma and Jakub Skokan – BoysPlayNice
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