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Patrick Roger fabulous store - Place de la Madeleine Paris

Location: Paris
Made by: -
Published in: July 01 2014 / Restaurants / Bakeries

Place de la Madeleine in Paris, just behind the fashionable Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, then one inevitably the green loading coincides with the curved showcase the eye. Passers-by are magically attracted to the store without first knowing what it is actually. Not only curious automatically come closer. And even a few meters in front of the store is not yet discernible, which is because there actually sells. In the window huge sculptures. Lions, monkeys, hippos. Behind a stunning architecture. Almost a magnetic attraction seems to come from the store, looking at the crowds of people on the course. Only upon entering the store is clear: This is about chocolate.

But the shop does not sell just chocolates. Here is one of France's best chocolatiers at work: Patrick Roger. He understands chocolate as a material, as material for his art. And because such works of art need a perfect environment, all Patrick Roger-Stores are designed spectacular. Foremost of the Place da la Madeleine.

Metal pipes that resemble organ pipes that form the curved interior. They are based on the inner workings of the huge sculptures, which consist of just such tubes, but made ​​of chocolate. The small chocolate works of art offered on a simple counter for purchase. The only color used is green.

The store is a prime example of what Store Design and Visual Merchandising can afford. If you walk across the square, one hardly comes to the Patrick Roger-Store now. And it is only once in the impressive shop inside, a 12 euro suddenly come for a mini-chocolate sculpture in front not so much.
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