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Patchi chocolate shop at Yas Mall by Lautrefabrique Architects

Location: Abu Dhabi
Published in: April 18 2016 / Other Stores
Yas Mall is the latest super project in the UAE – nearly 400 stores over 235 000m2. Adjacent to Ferrari World theme park, opened in November 2014 on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, Yas Mall is home to a new Patchi shop. Reinforced by over ten years of collaboration, Lautrefabrique Architects designs multiple shops each year for Patchi who lead the high-end gift-chocolate market in the Middle East.

The agency was entrusted with a new development task – to bring a touch of innovation and renewal desired by the group. Inspired by the local context, the design remains faithful to the luxury standards, reflecting the identity of the brand, in spite of being rushed – echoing Ferrar
The design adapts to operational constraints, with a display window in the Mall’s façade. Lautrefabrique Architects has created a central sophisticated black portico in relief, adorned by the backlit Patchi logo. This focus provides an intimate volume to the entrance. Chic and elegance are revealed by the composition in sparkling black and white, generated by the luminescent rectangular block layout and signage.

Inside, a multitude of Patchi products are displayed on both sides of the entrance and an atmosphere of prestige reigns. From floor to ceiling, the whole scenography pays attention to the slightest detail. Through the use of cleverly orchestrated repetition, symmetry and opposition a sense of unity is maintained. The mix of neutral colors allied to noble materials highlights the brand’s beautiful multicolored boxes.

The nine lighting suspensions direct the eye, the client is focused around the central island, which is the heart of the sales space, bringing together the most prestigious chocolate displays of the shop. Reflections of the mirror and ceiling lighting sublime the whole and alternating cubes of various sizes and heights sculpt the space and offer numerous possibilities for presentation; by theme, color, dimension….

The reference to Ferrari elegantly operates in a mixture of innovative lines and materials, never previously used for Patchi shops. Subtle carbon fibre and glossy mirrors appear in surface finish. Polished stainless steel mirrors with soft shapes adorn counters and pillars, creating seductive reflection points in the decor.

Rounded displays covered with a profusion of bowls, trays and other receptacles for flamboyant delicacies stand out from the walls, highlighted by continuous LED strips. Ebony, Corian, black and white back-painted glass with the sylish system of solid or glass cantilevered shelves, white floors … are combined to create the flagship composition of the brand’s boutiques.

The back room reserved for the stock receives a full treatment, leaving nothing visible from the boutique, orders can be prepared discreetly without disrupting the luxurious aspect of the store.

The expertise of Lautrefabrique Architects gives the Yas Mall shop elegant and sophisticated detailing confering an exclusive and discreet character. The achievement is the promise of a gourmet tour with bold lines, where the architecture, materials and colors create Patchi’s signature harmony.

Photography by Luc Boegly
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