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orson + bodil minimalist store opening Amsterdam

Location: Amsterdam
Source: superfuture
Published in: March 12 2013 / Fashion Stores
Alexander van Slobbe is an acclaimed veteran in the dutch fashion scene, and is actually the first designer to have established a name for himself abroad. In 1993 Van Slobbe established his menswear label so which quickly gained an international following, especially in japan where the designer eventually opened mono brand stores.

As time went on Van Slobbe outgrew the mold of this succes and a little over a decade later he focused once again on Orson + Bodil, an artisanal womenswear label that he had co-founded prior to the succes of so and had remained dormant. in 2008 van slobbe opened nl = new luxury, an unusually designed joint retail space with menswear designer and former assistant Francisco van Benthum in amsterdam's leafy zuid neighbourhood.

After Van Benthum relocated to the canal district to open a new standalone store,Van Slobbe followed suit and opened the new Orson + Bodil boutique on the very same street. Interestingly, the minimalist shop interior crafted by Eventarchitectuur has been packed up and made-to-measure the new canal district location.

Compact in size yet with a lot more character, the new retail space features two floors, washed in neutral hues of soft white, grey and black, and playfully alternated by sections of untreated wood. there's an intriguingly architectural quality in the design that - in conjunction with a clever configuration - makes the most of this small store both in terms of space and aesthetics. The orson + bodil store carries a rotating selection of high-end womenswear items, and select collab products that includes jewellery and fragrances. location: herenstraat 38 [centrum].
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