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Oddfish store concept in Beirut

Location: Beirut
Source: superfuture
Made by: Maia Aoun
Published in: March 05 2013 / Other Stores
Beirut and its back yard may be relatively small market but when it comes to diversity and innovation in retail and hospitality, it has been ranked as the region's top destination to watch for quite some time.
Contributing to the lebanese capital's shopping status is Oddfish, a newly established concept store by Youmna and Christian Djermakian who've sourced a quirky collection of merchandise from the planet's leading design capitals.
The store is located in building in the city's port area industrial area, and interior architect Maia Aoun mixed and matched many of the structure's original elements with contemporary details, making it a minimalist retail space that meets modern demands and one that allows flexible configuration changes when required. Oddfish intentionally stocks small numbers of items from various designers and brands in apparel, sneakers, furniture, lighting, home decoration, books, toys and gadgets, aiming to offer shoppers tantalizing new merhcandise every three to four months. to engage with the local creative scene a section of the store is designated as an exhibition and event space. location: Bohsali building, rue du port [gemmayzeh].
Oddfish beirut, oddfish, Maia Aoun,furniture, lighting, home decoration, books, toys,adgets,Bohsali building,Youmna,Christian Djermakian,oddfish ,المتجر بيروت

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