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Nutorious snack bar sydney by Luchetti Krelle

Location: Sydney
Source: knstrct
Made by: Luchetti Krelle
Published in: November 25 2014 / Restaurants / Bakeries
Considering the popularity of artisanal small batch snacks it's not surprising to find a specialty nut store hobnobbing with high-end retail shops in one of Sydney's most popular shopping destinations, and the team behind architecture and design firm Luchetti Krelle made sure the humble nut hut would look the part.

Nut-colored wood cylinders outfit the curved concrete-topped counter with glass display cases that give the space a throwback soda shop feel. Also enhancing the street-side vibe, versus a mall interior, a square viewing window is placed adjacent to the entrance featuring a lovely tiered display of NUTorious products, luring hungry looky-loos inside. The Timber joinery fronts on the walls and counter bottoms add texture and rustic chic sensibility to the store - they are after all, in Australia.

Luchetti Krelle designed a sophisticated yet nostalgic space for the folks at NUTorious, as visually enticing as the aromas drifting from within.

Photography by Michael Wee
Nutorious, snack bar, Luchetti Krelle, sydney retail concept

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