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Nooch Express restaurand concept Singapore -Karim Rashid design

Location: Singapore
Source: karimrashid
Made by: Karim Rashid
Published in: December 19 2012 / Restaurants / Bakeries
Nooch Express, Singapore, 2005

Nooch Express is the quick food version of an established restaurant chain. Our challenge was to take a typically mundane or branded typography and interpret it from a more conceptual basis. We strove to create a space that was high energy, and reflected the speed of a "fast food" café. We used bright technical colors and strong curvilinear forms to emphasize speed.
At the same time it was very important to remain human with both a physiological and physical softness. All the chairs and tables have rounded edges where the customer will come in contact with them. The doorways and counter windows are also soft shapes. As you move through the space all you experiences are with fluid lines and amorphic forms. The entire facade is covered with small square chrome mosaic tiles. As the customers pass they themselves are digitized by the pixilated reflection. The large open window creates visual interaction with the mall location but keeps the space separated so it has more of a restaurant feel than a food court station.

Client: Nooch Restaurants
Category: Restaurant
Facilities: 50 seat mall food court restaurant
Design period: Nov - Dec 2004
Construction Period: Dec - Jan 2004
Budget: US$ 150,000
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