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N3ON eyewear boutique designed by Linehouse studio

Location: Shanghai
Source: frameweb
Made by: Linehouse
Published in: May 03 2016 / Drugstores / Optics
Linehouse shapes eyewear brand's store concept with optical motif

Amidst Shanghai's fast-paced frame of mind, Linehouse studio shapes the new retail concept for eyewear brand Coterie with an ethereal ambience. Within the Grand Gateway landmark area, N3ON's boutique concept pares the interior down to the basics of vision. The space is inspired by ocular perception – the sense of sight perceived by the eye – leaving visitors in question of the visual perspective of reality. The internal structure of the space expresses convex and concave notions of sight.
Upon entering, neon pink-hued accents lined with fluorescent lights highlight the cashier’s desk as the focal element, standing in striking contrast to the encompassing white space. Through the middle of the room, a pair of perforated metal panels crisscross to create a visual illusion, playing with sight perspective and manipulating the appearance of the spatial boundary. Accentuating the effect, mirrors are set to enchant a reflection.

Eyewear is presented atop display fixtures that are embedded within the succession of concave, columnar channels. The rest of the collection seem to hover throughout the interior with sunglasses affixed to metal rods for an airy quality.
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