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Mußler Beauty by Notino store by DIA – Dittel Architekten Gmbh

Location: Stuttgart
Published in: December 14 2017 / Beauty / Body Shops
DIA – Dittel Architekten has developed, designed and implemented the first of 10 stores planned in Germany for Mußler Beauty by Notino. 50 more shops throughout Europe are planned. The concept aims to bring the online-offline brand symbiosis to life in this space whilst promoting and expanding customer loyalty. Mußler Beauty, Stuttgart’s traditional perfumery, and Notino, Europe’s leading online retailer for beauty care, merged in April 2017. They opened in the Gerber shopping mall on 16 November 2017.
As online business grows, so does the need for service, advice and product experience. Mußler Beauty by Notino is a good example of new thinking within the business. DIA offers its own interpretation of the consumer of tomorrow in its store design, showing a future-oriented path of transformation in its architecture and design.

The holistic brand experience is the focus of the design concept. Everything revolves around what the consumer is looking for in stationary retail: individualization, emotionality, social exchange and exclusivity. Even from the outside, a digital shop window beckons as well as the view into the store with its live promotions. The classic shop is transformed into a showroom, and the brand gets a face.

Extravagant product stagings, pop-up spaces for niche products and a spacious seating landscape are featured in this open spatial concept that intuitively guides consumers through the world of experience. Hair styling bar, brow bar, “Men’s World”, make-up school and exclusive workshops with the stars of the beauty scene each have a place in individual units, individually designed and with a strong atmospheric effect.
The design-conscious customer is attracted by a fresh design language that appears industrial, rough and modern, using exposed ceiling and metal shelves. In contrast, there are soft materials, playful details and muted colors, which are used for specific target groups. The hair styling bar has been created in a 60s retro style, while unique designer furniture and rustic wood define the atmosphere in the “Men’s World”.

A high-quality tiled floor emphasizes the entire surface and becomes a meticulous design element with differently colored joints for the individual units. A wall alive with plants featuring angular concrete washbasins and taps with a rustic patina symbolizes the trend towards natural cosmetics and at the same time is a much-missed rarity in the classic beauty trade.

Design: DIA – Dittel Architekten Gmbh
Photographer: Martin Baitinger, copywright: Dittel Architekten Gmbh
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