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Muratti Uomo Shop by Lantavos Projects, Athens

Location: Athens
Published in: July 30 2013 / Fashion Stores
This shop in the area of Moschato in Athens, was resulted by the connection of two existing ground floor spaces that were not in use for several years. The problematic condition of the existing columns and the need for the remove of the load bearing internal walls in order to achieve the integration of the space, required additional metallic structural elements.
The overload of the plan with more columns additional to the existing, created difficult conditions for the configuration of the store. As a solution was applied the grouping of the old and new vertical elements which included into shapes that form areas of the shop. From morphological terms, a mild design approach was among the priorities. The ergonomic design the simple construction solutions and the use of intelligent systems play an important role in operation and management of the store.

Designed by Lantavos Projects
Muratti Uomo Shop, Lantavos Projects, Athens,Moschato in Athens, retail design Athens,

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