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muji flagship store in Chendu

Location: Chengdu, China
Source: superfuture
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Published in: January 28 2015 / Other Stores
It won't be long until chengdu ranks among China's top tier cities. the boomtown of 14 million inhabitants has steadily grown into an economic force to be reckoned with, and the increased affluence in the region has greatly influenced the its retail landscape.

A slew of foreign brands have already found their way to Chengdu's increasing number of malls or expand their presence. Japanese retailer Muji had established a few shops here, but recently added a colossal flagship store. situated in the Jinjiang shopping and entertainment district, the new store measures 3,135 sqm. [33,725 sq.ft.] and is the company's largest establishment overseas.

Next to Muji's coveted range of non-branded offerings, its flagship status comes with special sections and goods, such as café & meal muji, a diner serving with simple yet tasty and nutritious dishes, idee, Muji's own line of designer furniture and homeware, and also found Muji, a section which features a rotation of tightly edited and artisanal merchandise from around the planet.
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