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Moschino visual merchandising Milan 2014

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Published in: April 24 2014 / Shop Window Displays
At Moschino, we see what a great effect the overall picture, if collection, staging and visual merchandising are matched. Not only is it visually a highlight but it also sends the customer a message that is easy to understand and to Sell.
McDonald’s (MCD) never inspired me much in the way of style, but Italian luxury brand Moschino (AEF:IM) is begging shoppers to take another look. Included in its new fall-winter collection is a baggy red sweater dress with a design that looks like the Golden Arches logo bent into an almost-heart (it’s M for Moschino) over the phrase.

Moschino, visual merchandising, Milan 2014, moschino mc donalds, Moschino's McDonald's Fashion

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