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Moschino boutique in Milan - new concept

Location: Milano
Source: Moschino
Made by: De Lucchi
Published in: May 20 2013 / Fashion Stores
Moschino’s eclectic style is the perfect inspiration for a project that has created the new image of the fashion house through the look and mood of its boutiques.
Moschino therefore has not been reinvented but is simply presented and reinterpreted through the interior design and furnishings of its stores. Everything is beautiful, even more so when things are out of place in an unusual arrangement that forces us to see what we normally ignore. A great many figurative possibilities are unleashed as long as the separate ingredients of this stylistic language are always recognizable.
For Rossella Jardini (the Creative Director since 1994), everything can be used to attract attention, and that is especially true for the window display that has interpreted for many years the image of the brand, the transgressive allure of its message, and its criticism of customs that often went beyond the pure context of fashion. Therefore, everything is on display and deserves attention, which makes it possible to transform spaces in the store into stages that showcase collections and inventions.
The illusion of mirrors, silk-screen prints, and hidden lights help create a magical, unexpected ambiance with eccentric substitutions such as the floor that becomes a ceiling, the ceiling that becomes the floor, infinite wardrobes, and the window display inside a cage.
Finishes in natural materials and the special LED lighting designed by Architect De Lucchi are main features.
The setting is full of details and surprises such as the natural oak and gray oxidized oak plank floor and the glossy black and white plaster panels in a distinctive diamond pattern on the ceiling.
Solid oak niches in the wall, which are used as wardrobes, are completely lined with light mirrors that break up and expand the space. Bronze tables in different sizes are topped with glass cases, shelves, and display units.
Architect De Lucchi,oak plank floor,Moschino’s eclectic style,Rossella Jardini,glass cases, shelves, and display units,Moschino

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