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Mos Bross Regent Street - visual merchandising and windows concept

Location: London
Source: dm-architects
Published in: November 28 2012 / Fashion Stores
About the Mos Bross shop concept

Anybody walking along Regent Street will now encounter a store called Moss Bros, rather than Moss (the name given to the bulk of Moss Bros branches), and this is proof of a desire to leverage the brand’s heritage. Moss Bros was a retailer with appeal at the better end of the mass market and the Regent Street store is about reclaiming this.

A desire to present shoppers with all the options underpins what has been done by the visual merchants. Whether it’s the bouffant-looking ties that give a burst of colour to the basement wall, or the mannequins dressed in penguin suits and raising their toppers, this is about putting pace and fun into the interior. The Moss Bros heritage is to the fore with framed pictures on the walls providing glimpses of social events of yesteryear. And on the ground floor, accessories are displayed in groupings that make you consider each of the elements needed to present a well co-ordinated formal face to the world.It’s about being appropriate for the occasion. Thought seems to have been given to every aspect.

With its emphasis on heritage and masculinity, it’s no surprise that the palette of materials used is sober. The cue for what has been done has been taken from textiles, with herringbone predominant and an attention to detail. In the basement, wall panels have been created from individually stained pieces of wood, arranged herringbone-style, with each plank being slightly different. The same might be said of the highlight tonal colours used on both floors.

source: drapersonline.com
The shop Window Design and concept.

The project explores the possibilities of the Moss Bros shop windows by distorting the perception of depth and perspective as viewed from the street.
This is achieved by using hundreds of cotton strings to stitch the edges of the window space to form a series of seemingly floating voids, where the three main strands of Moss Bros products are displayed. The material expression of the cotton strings recall the raw materials of garments, the loom-based manufacturing process of cloth and the craftsmanship of the Bespoke service.
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