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Location: Palermo
Source: Nidolab
Published in: July 31 2013 / Other Stores
The idea was to develop a retail store, on a small budget, that could easily be assembled in a short period of time. Our clients had a deadline to meet since it was a mont before Christmas and they needed teh store finished by holidays.
The product itself is a striking object. Created using the frames of old classic bicycles, they are modernized by new technologies ana materiales. The bikes provided the main colors and shapes, so we decided to create a very neutral space that would not compete with it.
The store had to contain different areas to support the different activities that needed to develop. They needed a window towards teh street, a large display area, workshop, a main sells desk and a corner for costumers to design their own bike.

The plan was to use every inch available to establish a specific use, colour and material. Wooden boxes made for exporting goods were treated back to its natural wood colors and it´s structures highlighted by painting them in white. They were displayed in the center of the shop creating seats and exhibition platforms.
A very long panel of tulip wood was placed on one of the sidewalls creating a canvas to display bike parts and accesories. Special metal hooks were design to hold the different kind of rims hanging form the ceiling.
At the back of the store is located the workshop, where bikes are assembled and fixed. It was painted in a bright yellow color so that it would creat a focal point for the visitors.
For the entrance we decided to place a low table and a panel with all the bike parts so that costumers could create their own custom made model.
The window shop was arranged with the wooden boxes creating a geometric shape structure that would hold the bikes for display.

Desgin name : retail store for Monochrome bikes
Project:Monochrome bikes
Designer:Nidolab Arquitectura
Design time:4 days, November 2012
Completion time:1 month
Project site::Gorriti 5656 , Palermo, Ciudad autonoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Project area:80 sqm
Photographer: Federico Kulekdjian
MONOCHROME, NIDOLAB ARQUITECTURA, bicycle store design, amenajare magazin biciclete, design magazin biciclete, store designers Argentina

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