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monochromatic windows display - Bottega Veneta

Location: -
Source: vimer
Made by: New Crazy Colors
Published in: July 23 2013 / Shop Window Displays
The scenario produced by studio New Crazy Colors showcase for the latest Bottega Veneta put aside those dramatic scenery punctuated with bold colors and dark to make way for softness, delicacy and feminine glamor european beginning of the last century.

A scenographic composition is based on monochromatic, ie the nude and nuances of tone create a calm and gentle unlike past showcases the brand. Taking account of the whole scenario, appears nude in scenographic elements and products. A large train is deployed at the two windows helps create movement while interacting with a display helping to establish another proposal history.

The mannequins are responsible for bringing this classic air of the early twentieth century. Products following slightly stronger tone in the same tonal range of the scene to help highlight the product without losing the coherence of the project.
monochromatic windows display, Bottega Veneta, New Crazy Colors studio,bold colors,feminine glamor european,

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