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Monki Store design in London

Location: London
Source: frameweb
Made by: Electric Design
Published in: December 04 2012 / Fashion Stores
Psychedelic patterns, tentacled jellyfish, reflective mirrors and vintage vessels combine at the new Monki store on London’s Carnaby Street.

Inspired by an underwater world, Stockholm-based studio Electric Dreams used a khaki-based colour scheme throughout the interior. The store’s design concept has been dubbed Sea of Scallops – reflected in the plentiful scallop-shaped patterns used throughout. A ceiling made of mirrors projects colourful elements and clothing into an endless pattern, while silver lights further enhance the dazzling effect.

‘Our designs are about story-telling and themes,’ says Catharina Frankander of Electric Dreams. ‘We use playful exaggeration, surprising shapes, and spatially confusing mirrors to create the surreal effect that is an important part of our brand identity.’

Clothes hang on recycled ropes from old shipping vessels, or are displayed on water lily-shaped tables that seem to grow from a mossy seabed carpet below. All furnishing were custom-designed for the space.
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