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MIRO Store by Stagedesignoffice

Location: Athens
Source: delood
Published in: April 03 2013 / Fashion Stores
The redesign project of the interior of the MIRO Store in downtown Kolonaki was recently undertaken by Stavros Papagiannis of Stagedesignoffice. Already a store renowned for its simple elegance, the design intervention by Mr. Papagiannis added a further sleek aesthetic to the space.

The traditional display rails were replaced by raw wood casings, an industrial element in direct contrast to the urban space. The window display and the changing rooms were fitted with full length curtains which add an unexpected theatrical element. The customer service area was transformed into a bright friendly space with the specially designed table and traditional ‘runway’ chairs, painted bright yellow, where customers can feel at home to discuss their wardrobe needs.

On the upper level in the bridal salon, two vintage armchairs were re-upholstered to provide comfort and warmth to the private space. A suspended punch bag is suspended in the stairwell of the store providing a sculptural note with a hint of humour which completes the makeover process, a process of opposing elements, classic and modern, raw and polished, all completed with the customary panache of Mr. Papagiannis.
Mr. Papagiannis, miro store, miro store design, Stagedesignoffice,Stavros Papagiannis, Kolonaki,display rails, industrial element,changing rooms,theatrical elemen

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