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Mini Paceman concept store by Edwards Moore, Mebourne

Location: Melbourne
Made by: Edwards Moore
Published in: July 01 2013 / Fashion Stores
For the realization of this project we worked with the MINI team to design the new MINI Paceman store on Chapel Street, Melbourne. Part retail store & part exhibition/studio space it plays host to 6 leading international designers working across a range of disciplines from bespoke denim to hand-made men’s shoes from New York.
Within the existing shell of a retail tenancy on Chapel St we designed a series of intersecting surfaces and shapes that collectively create an interior envelope and backdrop for the display of bespoke products. The space is also designed to function as a working studio space for the visiting artists as required.
The car itself features front and centre, emerging from the store in a reflective wedge designed to ensure an interactive interface between pedestrian and vehicle.

Designed by Edwards Moore
Photography by Fraser Marsden
Mini Paceman, concept store, Edwards Moore, Mebourne,bespoke denim, exhibition/studio,bespoke products

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