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MICA jewellery house Branding & Industrial & Interior

Location: -
Source: savvy-studio
Made by: Savvy Studio
Published in: March 08 2013 / Jewelry / Watches
MICA is a contemporary jewellery house which specialises in custom made pieces. Its name derives from a group of minerals that are characterised by their malleability which makes them ideal for various uses – some which are purely aesthetic.
Expanding its most basic and primitive character, MICA's identity is based on the amorphic nature of the rocks, the asymmetry of their profiles and their unique existence – no two rocks are alike – making all of MICA's pieces truly unique. The interior spaces are based on an extensive grid system, strongly influenced by the work of Sol Lewitt, particularly his "Variations of Incomplete Open Cubes". The displays, exclusively conceived and produced for MICA, offer an organic contrast against the more rigid backdrop of the space they are contained in.
MICA jewellery,Branding,ndustrial & Interior,MICA, jewellery house, custom made pieces,grid system,Sol Lewitt,Open Cubes,organic contrast

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