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Mey lingerie store by Konrad Knoblauch

Made by: Konrad Knoblauch
Published in: April 18 2016 / Fashion Stores
In the middle of March, the lingerie brand Mey from Albstadt will celebrate the opening of its flagship store in Constance on Lake Constance with around 80 invited guests. On around 150 square metres spanning two floors, the centrally located store at the Marktstätte in Constance offers customers the chance to explore the brand world of Mey, including fine lingerie and high-quality daywear and nightwear for women and men.

Fine materials & warm colours
The store in Constance will be Mey’s 16th store in Germany. The new shopfitting concept will also be unveiled for the first time, which was developed in cooperation with Konrad Knoblauch GmbH from Markdorf in Lake Constance. The aim of the new concept is to create a modern and high-quality interior space with a pleasant atmosphere, a place that reflects the brand’s high quality standards, creates the right setting for the products and encourages customers to linger and relax.

The colour scheme focuses on elegant and warm earthy tones like grey, brown and beige. Different shades and materials indicate the ladies’ and men’s sections and differentiate between the different collection’s elements like lingerie, daywear and nightwear.

While the women’s area upstairs has been designed using light and soft velvet, the men’s area on the ground floor features darker shades as well as contrasting and coarser structured fabrics. The harmonious interplay of different textures and surfaces is an important element of the store concept. Powder-coated metal and elegant velvet is juxtaposed with high-quality Emperador marble, structured with flowing fabrics and quality oak parquet with elegant carpets.

A particular eye-catcher in the Mey Store in Constance is a large, rustic vintage wooden table used to display the lingerie highlights. A lounge area, large pictures and a wall of collages with integrated screens in the staircase add an emotional element. Selected accessories such as modern armchairs and minimalist pendant luminaires complete the overall look.

Service & Innovation
Mey stands for innovation, quality and attention to detail. This is reflected in the collections as well as in the store design and the integrated service concept. The spacious changing rooms, for example, feature bells to call the store staff if customers need advice. A touch screen on the ground floor gives customers direct access to Mey’s online shop. Items not currently available can be ordered for customers quickly and easily through Mey’s B2B online shop. The new tool successfully combines in-store and online shopping, thus creating a new holistic service experience.

Mey is one of the market leaders for high-quality women’s and men’s underwear in Europe. All their products are designed, produced and marketed with creativity, passion and attention to detail. For Mey, innovation means more than creating something new, it also means continually developing the company, its products and processes.

The German family business was founded in 1928. Along with modern design it places great value on high quality. More than 60 percent of Mey’s value is created in Germany, allowing it to consistently maintain its quality standards. The products by Mey give women and men the confidence to know that they made the right decision. Because there is nothing closer to your skin than the underwear you wear.

Photography by Jens Pfisterer
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