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Menhard store in Sibiu by Glamshops

Location: Sibiu, Romania
Source: Glamshops
Made by: Glamshops
Published in: June 11 2014 / Other Stores
The first thing we think when we develop a new concept is the “atmospherics” inside the store (lights, sound, smell, comfort). In this case we started from the powerful leather smell inside the store and the fact that these products are manufactured near Sibiu under the strict surveillance of Mr. Menhard... so we are talking about quality, handcraft and raw materials.
The interior of the store is a vintage style with massive wood furniture, wood walls and some industrial touches to connect the store interior with the factory and the manufacturing process.
The left part is lady section with famous " Cowboysbelts " lady bags, leather accessories and Menhard belts. The right part of the store is more manlike look due to the industrial touches, so we made it the men's corner for bags, belts and accessories.

The double sided cash desk is used for customizing the leather belts inside the store, you can create your own belt or you can ask the tattoo artist for a permanent drawing on the belt. The massive wood wall was accessorized with antique tools, rusty scissors, knifes… to remind the clients about the manufacturing process.
To keep an intimate and vintage look we used incandescent light 2700k, so the overall store interior is warm due to the lights, wood texture and flowers.

This pictures were made before finalizing the store interior so we will come back soon with some extra photos.

client: Menhard
location: Sibiu Romania
design by: Glamshops
photos: Glamshops
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