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Maygreen boutique minimalist retail design in Hamburg

Location: Hamburg
Source: kinzo-berlin
Made by: Kinzo
Published in: January 16 2013 / Fashion Stores
Freestanding white objects soaring close above the dark brown floor made of smoked oak. The polygonal chiseled appearance recalls the aesthetic of rugged chunks of pack ice. The objects bear reference to each other through their optical alignment evoking a tension in between. Functional details such as a cushion for seating or a display case in the counter are naturally integrated in the shape.
A distinctive ducting of electrical cables covered in green textile sets the highlight on the ceiling: Every single cable leads to a source of light, either a directed spotlight or a glaring DNA pendent luminaire. Usually concealed, the cables start to become an impressive design element that visually refers to something like a vegetative circuit board.
The delicate but oversized grasshopper has been laser cut in a customized perforation pattern. Backlit in green it forms the appropriate background for Maygreen’s LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) concept.
Functional details ,kinzo, Hamburg store design, optical alignment,Backlit, Maygreen’s LOHAS,ducting of electrical cables, vegetative circuit board

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