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Maximilian Luxury store by Bartolini/Lanzi Architects

Location: Merano, Italy
Published in: February 01 2018 / Fashion Stores
Created by Italian architecture practice Bartolini\Lanzi architects, Maximilian Luxury in Merano (Italy) is the second shop designed in Merano for Maximilian (an Italian company specialized in fashion). It’s a multi-brand store for young sophisticated woman with a wide collection of clothes, shoes and accessories of the best brands. Located inside a historical building, the space is extremely complicated and interconnected with several staircases, for this reason all the seven rooms have been treated differently.
The common language that binds all the project is large use of color, strong and decisive; alternative and modern materials; use of light performed very clearly. Floor are realized with resin, rubber and carpets; walls are covered with very rough blue plaster, wood, acrylic, stainless steel and wallpaper. Show windows are treated as a stage.

Design: Bartolini\Lanzi Architects
Photography: Alessandro Bartolini

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