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Mardou & Dean, Oslo by Ingrid Bredholt and Patrik Rosenfors

Location: Oslo
Published in: November 11 2015 / Fashion Stores
A lot of copper in an old factory, the second store of the Norwegian label material plays with contrasts.

The store is located in the chic Oslo harbor in an old factory ship from the 19th century with six meter high ceilings. A stroke of luck for the founder of the label Ingrid Bredholt and Patrik Rosenfors who are responsible for the interior design of the store itself. Open brick walls, peeling plaster and industrial lamps tell about the past of the building as a factory ship. The large, floor to ceiling windows provide the typical loft character.
Comes with copper as a style-forming element. A large copper cube, which serves as a storage area for goods and at the same time original table, is a central eye-catcher. However, clothes rails, cabinet panels and other decorative elements are made of the reddish shimmering metal. Much talent for improvisation prove the makers in selecting the material of origin: as clothes rails are used copper water pipes, a painter's ladder is unceremoniously for presentation furniture scarves and jeans.

However, the 85m² large store is not only business, but also at the same café, gallery and conservatory. And he proves that copper has what it takes to be a perennial, if one uses it well dosed.
Mardou & Dean, copper furniture, Ingrid Bredholt, Patrik Rosenfors, scandinavian store design, retail design oslo, factory store

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