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Manolo Blahnik new boutique concept at Selfridges in London

Location: London
Source: cpp-luxury
Made by: -
Published in: June 13 2019 / Shoes / Bags
Located within Selfridges London, in the renowned Shoe Galleries on the 2nd floor, the new shop-in-shop is inspired by the French designer Jean-Michel Frank. Manolo Blahnik first saw one of Jean-Michel Frank’s interiors as a young man and instantly decided that it was one of the most beautiful rooms he had ever seen.

The mindset for the new boutique stemmed from the idea of a chic living room. To develop this sentiment, Manolo collaborated with the company’s architect where together they worked on the notion of crafted minimalism, inspired by Jean-Michel Frank’s work.
By deliberately paring back the design, the boutique features simple forms in the most exquisite materials. Pops of colour convey Manolo’s creative flair with block colour chairs and shelving. Overall the space evokes a serene and contemplative living room space, with beautiful proportions, stillness and elegance.
Additionally, the space expresses Manolo’s love of books and literature. Bookcases are used as shelving and table lamps are dotted throughout the space to add warmth.

The new space also benefits from an abundance of natural light, making a beautiful backdrop to Manolo’s whimsical and colourful creations as well as providing customers with a true boutique experience within the department store.
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