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MAHARAJA diamond jewelry by Ichiro Nishiwaki

Location: Osaka
Made by: Ichiro Nishiwaki
Published in: July 08 2014 / Jewelry / Watches
“MAHARAJA diamond” is the jewelry shop centering on bridal jewelry. The basic color of the shop space was “red”, “gold” and “off-white”, suggesting the image of India; the country of origin of a diamond. Maintaining a luxury image, the gorgeousness and high-quality of the space were to let the customer choose the jewel comfortably. Also, the accent such as chandelier was set to match the Japanese market.
The chandelier, hanged down from ceiling of 4m height, was the most conspicuous icon which was made in the shape of the logo mark of MAHARAJA diamond. These all were the Swarovski glass pieces. The reception space was at the inner part of the shop. The space was constructed to make the customers feel calm and sense of presence and check the item without bothered by their surroundings.

Designed by Ichiro Nishiwaki
Photography by Nacása & Partners Inc.
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