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Luxury Gifts store in Bucharest by Glamshops

Location: Bucharest
Source: Glamshops
Made by: Glamshops
Published in: February 11 2015 / Jewelry / Watches
The goal for this project was to create a clear luxurious interior and maximizing the display space without damaging the existing wall structure of the store.

About the interior:
The display cases were adapted to the store profile and needs, characterized by relatively high volume of merchandise. So we didn’t use the classical shadow box systems usually found inside jewelry stores.
Using predominantly wall fixture, we manage to give the interior a more airy look, despite the existing 19 sqm available inside.

About the windows display:
The windows display was designed to attract customers, during both day time and night time.
For day time:
3 metal frames with 3 MDF “egg forms” with glossy black finishes, will capture the client’s attention. In the same time the structure will allow the passerby’s to peek inside the store.

At night time:
The back of the metallic structures is covered with rear projection film panels and with the use of a custom made animation, the windows display manage to be an eye catcher even during the night time.

Windows display movie:

Designed by: Glamshops.net
Furniture and wall structures: Shp.ro
Mdf Egg Forms: Rus Bogdan
Lights & site manager: Ioo Andrei
3D renderings: Roventa Alexandru
Signage: Hiexpert
Jewelry store, Luxury Gifts, Bucharest store design, boutique design, Glamshops store design, jewelry store fixture, barrisol ceiling, gift shop,

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