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Little Shoes Shop by Nabito Architects, Barcelona

Location: Barcelona
Published in: June 05 2015 / Shoes / Bags
Situated near Paseo de Gracia at the heart of Barcelona, a boutique dedicated to children’s shoes has been designed by the team at Nabito Architects. The flagship ‘Little Shoes‘ shop is characterized by its interior, where the walls, floor and ceiling are covered in a sinuous and continuous ceramic tile pattern. The concept stems from a children’s notebook when the pages are printed in a grid format to assist in writing, numbers and drawings. However in this case, the tiled grid of the interior is a guide for product placement.
Following the dimensions of 5 x 5cm, 10 x 10cm and 20 x 20cm, the pattern manages to flow consistently at each corner, illustrated where the wall or counter meets the ground. Meanwhile, rectangular and cube shaped shelves have been carved from the wall. Coupled with the pastel color palette, the retail outlet evokes a simple, ordered yet playful space.

Design: Nabito Architects
Photography: Eugeni Pons
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