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Levis Flagship store design London by checkland kindleysides

Location: London
Published in: February 07 2013 / Fashion Stores
When we designed the original Flagship for Levi's on Regent Street back in 1994, it was hailed as 'one-of–a-kind' and became hugely influential as a benchmark for global retail design.
Our challenge was to reinvent the Flagship store to reflect retailing today, as the emphasis shifts away from the brand towards a more consumer focussed approach, which extends far beyond the confines of traditional retailing.

Levi's vast years of experience in manufacturing is embedded in their product and is implicit in every detail of the space.
With factory inspired architecture, we looked to create a journey that would open up the brand’s world to the consumer in an authentic, engaging and culturally relevant way.
This store offers Levi's customers the ultimate brand experience. It's visually captivating whilst providing expert knowledge, product offering and storytelling. The environment not only connects Levi’s with its craft based roots, but also expresses their creativity and expertise in denim, in a way that makes it easy to shop and interact with the produc
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