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Levi’s XX store by WoodSmithe, Santa Monica – California

Location: California
Made by: WoodSmithe
Published in: October 15 2013 / Fashion Stores
WoodSmithe love it when Levi’s XX calls. We’ve built a great brand partnership with them and know their asthetic well. This time at Sharon Segal’s store in Fred Segal Santa Monica we were tasked with accomplishing both Made & Crafted and Levis Vintage looks. The space redesign required new flooring, signature M&C wood walls, a little paint, and some new merchandising products.
We created classic Vintage denim racks and clean arauco plywood tables, rough sawn white oak shelving and stacked plywood wall hooks. We completed the one night installation with some hand painted logos and the space transformation was complete.

Materials: arauco plywood, rift sawn white oak, galvanized aged pipe, hand paint, logo paint
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