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Lanvin Boutique – Ginza district Tokyo

Location: Tokyo
Made by: -
Published in: March 05 2014 / Fashion Stores
“Lanvin Boutique” located in Ginza Central Street; one of the busiest fashion districts in downtown Tokyo. Famous for their long history in haute couturier, the history of Lanvin began when Jeanne Lanvin, who used to make beautiful clothes for her daughter.
To express Lanvin’s values on their tradition and their spirit, we thought that “French mansion”, would be an appropriate starting point for our design. The excellent sewing technique of the brand is translated into the building by embedding 3000 clear acrylic cylinders into a steel plate to give the impression of Lanvin’s diamond encrusted party dress.

The acrylic windows became small display windows and these windows induce an active act that people stoop down and look into the shop.

These small windows transform the sunlight into the light particles, and the pace studded innumerably light particles, it makes a special atmosphere that creates a sublime feeling. The secret is, the world first method of construction. Normally, there are many processes to make a window such as sashes and sealants.
I felt that they would destroy the rich and delicate phenomena created by the light around the windows. To be able to eliminate those additional components, we looked into traditional methods of shipbuilding, and developed a technique called “Hiyashi-bame”.

Constricted acrylic cylinders, which were frozen in advance, were inserted into the holes at the steel wall which are sharpening by the technology of the lathe. The cylinders then expand to fit in the holes as they slowly adjust to the room temperature. By using the natural forces of the materials, construction without sashes, glazing beads, sealants or adhesives were realized. Finally, those windows allow beautiful light reflect diffusely just as the kaleidoscope at noon, and is studded with light like stars on the street at night.
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