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Lafarmacia flagship store in Milan by AmLab

Location: Milano
Source: am-lab
Made by: AmLab
Published in: July 05 2020 / Drugstores / Optics
The Hippocrates pharmacy chain has bet fully on AMlab for the creation and definition of an innovative and distinctive format capable of restoring uniqueness and authenticity to the Lafarmacia. brand. Not a simple entrepreneurial initiative, but a daring company aimed at positioning itself on the market with a strong image and a clear goal: to propose a place where people live the pharmacy as well as for its traditional role of first health service, also as a reference point for 360-degree health.

A new vision capable of involving the consumer in an immersive and attractive context, with attention to the smallest details, to return sensations of amazement and wonder between attention and advice, dedicated spaces, professional advice, technological services and events. An extremely distinctive, unique and identifying pharmacy model, in the name of prevention and treatment, well-being and beauty.

The soul of Lafarmacia., which can be summarized in the desire to restore the ancient link between pharmacy and community, translates into a clear and exhaustive manifesto that has defined, in full, the development of the format and which reflects the values ??in which the chain is recognized, that is, qualified advice and personalized services.

Lafarmacia. as a fixed point capable of responding to different health needs. Lafarmacia. as a place of offer and service, listening and advice. Lafarmacia. as a point of contact between tradition and innovation.

From this vision, the Lafarmacia. format comes to life in the expression of its flagship store in Milan. On the corner of via Broletto and via San Prospero, right next to Piazza Cordusio, the Lafarmacia. format wants to differentiate itself from anonymous pharmaceutical retailers to offer an Italian alternative close to the customer capable of offering an extra-ordinary context and of transmitting the welcome, attention and trust of the neighborhood pharmacy.

A cleverly combined context between heritage and innovation, declared in the chromatic, material and stylistic choices, with an authentic and contemporary asset, capable of attracting, from the outside, the attention of the consumer, inviting him to enter and live a new experience between exploration, discovery and amazement: all thanks to totally dedicated sales paths and services.

AMlab managed to translate perfectly our objectives and our requests for the launch of the format on the Italian market: a tangible and concrete model between quality and innovation which, with refinement, leads consumers to live the tradition in innovation, to breathe the warmth and trust of the ancient pharmacy, in a sort of return to the past proposed in a modern key.
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