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Kusmi Tea Paris flagship stores by Christopher Jenner

Location: New York
Published in: February 15 2017 / Other Stores
Kusmi Paris has been blending its famous teas since 1867,
notably ‘Bouquet of Flowers’ a favourite of Tsar Nicholas II.
Initially based in Saint Petersburg, the brand moved to Paris in 1917.

This new flagship is a balance of Kusmi’s baroque Russian heritage
with its French provenance, creating a new luxury positioning
through narrative and ritual.

Kusmi’s iconic packaging created a starting point,
leading to a special collaboration with Bisazza
in which their matt white mosaic glass tiles used for the first time,
are set with-in an abstract pattern of primary and secondary colours.

Two large stylised illustrations inspired by Camellia Senensis,
are realised in marquetry using with more than 30 coloured
veneers and mother-of-pearl.

A bespoke parquet floor in Italian marble and French Oak
sits below a breathtaking three tiered, cnc Stainless Steel chandelier.
that disappears into a multi-coloured, stained-glass onion dome,
evoking the Russian heritage of the brand.
French Oak, Kusmi, Bisazza, Kusmi Tea Paris, flagships stores, Christopher Jenner, teas shop , kusmi tea, luxury shops, luxury store design

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