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Komşufırın bakery shop by Autoban

Location: -
Source: Autoban
Made by: Autoban
Published in: March 26 2013 / Other Stores
Komşufırın is a bakery chain with a slogan: Tradition of the next generation. Making it a guideline and enhancing the idea, while redesigning the stores Autoban used raw oak counters
against black shelves and hygienic white tiles to create an inviting space for the customers, as if the smell of freshly baked bread wasn’t enough.
Year: 2008-2009
Location: Several
Architects: Seyhan Ozdemir & Sefer Caglar
Photographs: Ali Bekman
Komşufırın bakery, desegin by Autoban, bakery design, raw oak counters,black shelves,inviting space for the customers, bakery concept, amenjare brutarie, concept amenajare brutarie

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