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Made by: Dalziel & Pow
Published in: December 30 2012 / Fashion Stores

The Savile Row tailor, Kilgour, was established in 1882. The original store at 5 Savile Row has relocated to no. 8 and we were briefed to create the interior, brand communications and art direction. The new brand communications are refined and stylised simply, effectively highlighting the brand’s heritage and provenance. The art direction images are used for advertising, web, PR and lookbooks.
Existing elements, such as the hardwood parquet flooring, have been enhanced and a new layer of found furniture, antique mirrors and chandeliers adds character to the space. Spacial differentiation has been created for ease of browsing and to distinguish the bespoke tailoring speciality. Strong lines are reinforced by the architectural shelving and hanging system, which showcases Kilgour’s collection, complemented by glass case units for browsing knitwear and accessories. A simple and bold colour palette was created for the space.

To the front of the store is a spacious area dedicated to bespoke tailoring. There is a large custom designed cutting table where clientele can sit and select the fabric and style of their bespoke suit. The area to the rear of the store provides a generous extension to the fitting rooms with privacy to relax.
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