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Kengo Kuma re-designed the Camper store in Milan

Location: Milano
Source: camper
Made by: Kengo Kuma
Published in: February 17 2015 / Shoes / Bags
Kengo Kuma designed his first Camper store in Milan as part of the Camper Together project. Located on Via Montenapoleone, one of the most famous and elegant streets in Milan, the store has been designed with the simplicity of the great masters. A simple grid of wooden boards, each about the size of a shoe, is multiplied to create a complex construction. Kengo Kuma explains that his preference for using wood is an attempt to recover some warmth and tenderness from the architecture.

“The duality which coexists between the simple and the basic, at first sight, and the complex and the sophisticated, is what fascinated Camper most about this design. And it’s precisely this dual attitude that we have tried to reflect in our project for this store”
Kengo Kuma is one the most intriguing Japanese architects on the international scene. He has designed works in Asia, Europe and North America. He is responsible for numerous museums and cultural building projects including the Suntory Museum in the Japanese capital and the new FRAC building in Marseilles, among others. His philosophy is based on finding links between the building and its location, using the local and natural materials available in each place.

If you are in Milan or planning to visit the city soon, we invite you to experience Kengo Kuma’s Camper design on Via Montenapoleone 6, Milan.
interior design, Camper, Kengo Kuma, Camper Together project, Kengo Kuma’s Camper

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