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Kastner & Öhler fashion store by Umdasch

Made by: Umdasch
Published in: September 18 2018 / Fashion Stores
Austrian fashion store Kastner & Öhler has opened five locations, including this one located in Leoben, Austria. It was designed by Stuttgart, Germany-based blocher partners, with shopfittings by Amstetten, Austria-based Umdasch Shopfitting Group GmbH. The red entrance way makes an eye-catching branding statement. In the shop windows an asymmetrical, free-standing portal in the red of the department store’s corporate design attracts the attention of the passers-by.

The Young Fashion, Women’s and Men’s fashions are set apart from each other in a harmonious way through the different color schemes, including copper and anthracite, in the surface finish of the shelving.
The Young Fashion Department is decorated in shades of grey, from greyish-white speckled tiles on the floor to furniture elements of oak with surface finishing in matte anthracite. Above the whole is a medium grey high, open ceiling with a rail pattern, the so-called grid, providing flexible presentation possibilities. In front are suspended frames and special frames with flattened corners which emphasize the height of the room.

Warm furnishings in light oak wood form a constant feature is which is repeated in the presentation of the products and even in the checkout area, designed by Umdasch.
The Kids’ World is multi-faceted. It is separated from the other departments and the area is defined as a house-within-a-house construction. A step-like platform of light-colored wood for the presentation of jeans and pullovers symbolizes the entrance. A square ceiling construction in the same material announces the Kids’ World from afar.

The display unit for sunglasses by Umdasch is also new. With its different levels and LED lighting the shelf forms the perfect setting for the models by famous designers.

The arrangement of high-end bags is particularly eye-catching. They are presented on round shelves suspended from the ceiling. They correspond with a display on the adjoining wall where a mosaic-like world map has been produced with 3-D printing.
Throughout the store, special furnishings ensure a stylistic variety–in different colors, materials, heights and forms; sometimes with feet at a skewed angle or concave-shaped edges, sometimes worked in wood or upholstered and complemented by curated theme islands with highlight furnishings, carpets, special lighting and seating areas.
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