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Jil Sander Concept Store Bond Street

Location: London
Made by: -
Published in: March 29 2024 / Fashion Stores
The flagship store for Jil Sander introduces a new design concept from CMK that foregrounds the extensive use of silver-blue Travertine stone in a multiplicity of textures. In creating a space that appears to have been carved out of the stone, the varied applications for floors, walls and staircase are finished differently, accented through textures, either honed or scored. Such a durable, almost natural environment is allowed to age and wear over time, foregrounding the integration of recycled, reused materials.
On the ground floor, two volumes are inserted which hold various functions such displaying, selecting, meeting and sitting in their curved rough shells. This singular monochrome materiality provides a neutral container against which objects in brass, colourful marbles, timber and recycled plastics strike bold notes. A louvered ceiling creates even, gentle lighting with daylight quality, while on the lower ground floor, the lighting is set to create a moodier ambiance.
Jil Sander, concept store, Bond Street, London, visual merchandising, store design, retail shop design

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