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Isabel Marant flagship store Aoyama, Tokyo

Location: Tokyo
Source: superfuture
Made by: Yutaka Sone
Published in: July 14 2023 / Fashion Stores
Following previous boutique locations across Tokyo, Isabel Marant ups the ante and opens a flagship store in whats arguably the citys ultimate hub of luxury retailAoyama. Nestled in the neighbourhoods maze of streets and alleyways, the Paris-based fashion house has teamed up with Japanese artist Yutaka Sone to make a bold architectural statement. Dubbed Yellow House, and its instantly visible where the name comes from, the stores faade is in fact an installation of sorts.

Its inspired by the artists body of work presented at his Power of Ten and Obsidian solo exhibitions, held respectively in 2017 and 2018 at the Sifang Art Museum in Nanjing. For both showcases, Sone explored the properties of obsidian, a natural volcanic glass which forms when erupted lava is rapidly cooled. The material has a unique internal structure and has been used in all kinds of tools since the Stone Age, and accordingly, the artist has followed the logic of obsidian shapes.

Occupying 200 sqm. (2,153 sq.ft.) spread across two floors of a modern office building erected in 1981, the interior design, created in collaboration with the Isabel Marant in-house design team, is dotted with references to the highly artistic faade. The ground floor sees dark terrazzo flooring, whitewashed walls and an exposed ceiling overlaid with shard-like light installations. Furnishings comprise an elongated recessed shelving unit, cast concrete displays, while apparel pieces are showcased on sleek steel clothing racks, and all interspersed by Sones colourful obsidian sculptures.

One floor up, the setting is similar albeit a tad more homey, featuring shelving units, appropriately backlit in yellow, a large sofa with fluffy cladding, suspended shelving units, a concrete cast display table and a single obsidian sculpture in a soft pink hue, and last but not least, similar light installations. The new Isabel Marant flagship store carries the brands full range of womens and mens apparel, denim, accessories, bags, shoes. eyewear and jewellery, in addition to its Marant Etoile diffusion line.
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