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innovative windows design - Saks Men

Location: New York
Source: vimer
Made by: -
Published in: October 25 2013 / Shop Window Displays
Simple and yet innovative design that could be implement in any stylish home decor. The men windows from Saks Fifth Avenue appear this week with a impacting, creative and easy to set up.

Covering all background with black, this scheme tells a history around their characters, clothing and accessories that fill the space with creative drawings all made with brush and white paint.

Frames, accessories shelves, chairs, couches and floor designs tell and place products and mannequins around the story made out of white lines. The lighting scheme helps to create a modern atmosphere with all current fresh season collections.

This simple and easy-to-do idea could serve as reference for those who love customize their homes within a low budget. The simple drawing could not only be featured on windows scheme, but also could fulfill living rooms from design lovers.
- See more at: http://www.vimer.com.br/en/2013/10/24/vitrine-masculina-saks-em-ny/#sthash.8LjCxSCR.dpuf
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