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Il Salotto boutique by Gosplan, Genova

Location: Genova
Source: dezeen
Made by: Gosplan
Published in: May 23 2013 / Fashion Stores
Italian studio Gosplan inserted a perforated metal gate into a fifteenth century marble doorway as part of their renovation of this fashion boutique in Genoa.Gosplan was influenced by the doorways of ancient Italian palaces when designing the perforated gate that marks the entrance to the store, which is located in the city's historic centre. "The door is a free interpretation of doors of ancient Genoa palaces," explains the designer. "The small holes are a metaphor for the large ancient nails, while the large hole in the centre replaces the door knocker."
Called Il Salotto, which means "Living Room" in Italian, the boutique has vaulted ceilings and large windows with a bright blue linoleum floor that contrasts with the rough plastered walls.Clothes, bags and shoes hang from white-painted reinforcing rods, which have been bent into angular formations that protrude from the walls and floors. Coat hangers and mirror frames are also constructed from the bent rods, along with a cage-like chandelier that descends from the ceiling and a large circular rail from which curtains hang to enclose dressing rooms.

Brightly coloured cables are strung around the shop with bare lightbulbs dangling loosely from the ceiling.The shop counter is made from coloured MDF and features a tiled recess used to display jewellery.The same dove-grey coloured tiles are used to create a unifying band around the walls of the boutique.The shop is owned by Sara Busiri Vici and Matteo Brizio who also use the space to host small art exhibitions.
Il Salotto boutique, Gosplan, Genova,Living Room,Italian studio Gosplan,counter MDF,Sara Busiri Vici and Matteo Brizio

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