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Ice Cream & Billionaire Boys Club

Location: Hong Kong
Made by: Wonderwall
Published in: January 03 2013 / Fashion Stores
The comical and humorous exterior with a rocket ready for take-off and a circular entrance way draws attention to this ‘new’ space in an old building. The first two floors are occupied by ICE CREAM™, and the upper two floors are by BBC. The usage of 2-D design is an important element in both spaces. An ordinary Ice Cream parlor that may exist in the West coast in the U.S. is envisioned for ICE CREAM™, and the theme for BBC is outer space, which is also the concept for the brand.
hong kong retail design, Billionaire Boys Club design, ビリオネアボーイズ香港店, 小売設計, Hong Kong ice cream, ice cream shop design, store layout Billionaire, تصميم التجزئة

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