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I love ugly - store opening in Los Angeles

Location: Los Angeles
Source: superfuture
Made by: -
Published in: March 19 2015 / Fashion Stores
Founded in 2008 as an art collecive in Auckland, I love ugly evolved into a menswear brand whose home popularity is now spilling over into the global arena at an accelerated pace. Creating urban apparel with subcultural references for individual minds, the style has resonated well overseas, and to such an extent that international retail expansion only seemed the logical next step.
So, in an audacious move to take on the planet's leading streetwear market, I love ugly set up shop in its unofficial capital: Los Angeles. situated in the west Hollywood grid on South LA Brea Avenue, the store occupies a ground floor unit of a landmark structure built in 1930.

Tinted black glass not only shields the indoors from the bright california sun, but also adds a sense of discreet exclusivity to the store. Once inside, there's more black to be found, covering walls, ceiling and some furnishings. The parquet flooring, shelving and a pair of low benches made of light wood form a beautiful contrast, and as most natural materials do, these elements collectively add warmth.
The overall design is clean and simple, and very much in sync with the style of I love ugly's collections. And speaking of which, this new store carries the brand's full range of apparel, accesories and shoes.
I love ugly, ugly's collections, black interior, black glass walls, los angeles store design, retail design, interioare de magazin, exclusivity

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