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I Have a Lifestyle shop window for Tommy Hilfinger

Location: Milano
Source: vishopmag
Made by: Fabio Novembre
Published in: October 17 2013 / Shop Window Displays
The Italian architect and designer Fabio Novembre has created a showcase for Tommy Hilfiger. The first installation was displayed in the windows of La Rinascente in Rome in September 2013, and now has passed esxhibirse in La Rinascente in Milan.

Titled "I Have a Lifestyle", the installation is Novembre creative interpretation of a man's wardrobe, new articles incorporating 2013 from tailoring collection of Tommy Hilfiger Fall / Winter. The piece shown in the window has been realized with metal tubes with metal pipes and nitro blue color is a perfect reproduction of the plastic parts are so common in children's toys.
Fabio Novembre designer, Tommy Hilfiger. shop windows, I Have a Lifestyle ESCAPARATE, MANIQUÍES, Tommy Hilfiger Fall / Winter, vitrina Tommy Hilfiger, kids toys, shop windows props

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