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Humanitas bookstore Bucharest by Exhibit

Location: Bucharest
Source: glamshops
Made by: Exhibit
Published in: October 15 2013 / Book Stores
Un concept cu totul si cu toul diferit de clasicele librarii cu aspect de biblioteca batranicioasa si supra-aglomerata.
Modern, simplu, elegant, cu un aer occindental si in acelas timp industrial.

conceptul apartine: exhibit.ro
Custom made lamps, the pipes, the walls, furniture and displays, graffiti on the wall, the lights... all this elements are shaping a perfect industrial interior concept for Humanitas bookstore.

design made by: Exhibit.ro
Humanitas bookstore, amenjare interioara humanitas, amenajari librarii, decor industrial magazine, bookstore interior design, retail design bookstors, retail design romania

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